A properly constructed Data Warehouse is a very powerful tool in the management of an insurance portfolio. City Computers warehouse is built by us using standard Microsoft tools, and thus is independent of all other suppliers.

The data warehouse is a copy of all the data that normally is to be found in your on-line system, but presented in a standard and user-friendly way. If, for example, you are managing multiple accounts that use different on-line systems, the data warehouse will be the only way you can compare and consolidate the information in all your systems together. If you've never used one, you will soon find that the standard reporting within your on-line system quickly becomes redundant in favour of reports produced from the warehouse as and when required.

A data warehouse does not need very much specialist training to be able to operate at a simple level, although there is the full range of Microsoft's SQL (Structured Query Language) available if required. Familiarity with the operation of Access or Excel is a very good start, but most of the programming necessary for access to common data has already been done and is supplied as standard within the Data Warehouse.

City Computers' data warehouse can be constructed as an integral part of Polygonal or Run-off Plus (Run-off Plus is now incorporated within the Polygonal System). Alternatively, it can be supplied to work alongside your existing on-line administration system. Either way, you get the benefits of easy access to all of your data.

Your raw data can be extracted as a simple table from the warehouse, which can then be exported in a number of standard formats.

Or use SQL's graphic design to create a more complex view.

Or, use Polygonal's own Dynamic query to select any report and any selection of data to go in it. It then presents the results as an Excel spread sheet.

And if that doesn't give you enough then use an industry-standard tool to apply the finishing touches to your report. You could use Excel, or Crystal Reports, or Access, or whatever you are used to.