Polygonal, the Multi-Dimensional insurance system from City Computers Limited (part of the City Computers Group of companies), is the latest in the next generation of advanced and competitive global software.

Polygonal builds upon the strength and rich functionality of earlier versions and combines it with the latest Microsoft VB.Net and Business Intelligence technology to provide a comprehensive solution able to respond efficiently and quickly in the dynamic market of today.

Polygonal, a modular, multi-currency, underwriting, policy/claims administration software solution integrated with transactions, reinsurance, accounting, messaging, data warehouse reporting, document management, and workflow modules to provide a full end-to-end business process with tangible results.

Polygonal, designed from a business prospective using City Computers specialist team. We have many years' experience working in the insurance market as practitioners as well as solution providers.

Polygonal, built to meet the corporate demands of governance and audit regulation.